16 August 2012

Gwynns Fall Trail App

Gwynns Falls Trail – Navigation app found at the Apple App Store
Be one of the first to purchase the first trail app in Baltimore - cost : $0.99

The Parks & People Foundation has worked for a number of years to improve the quality of Baltimore's neighborhoods. With the greening of Baltimore playing a key role in this effort, the Gwynns Falls Trail has become a core focus for the Foundation and the residents of Baltimore. To reach a new wave of technologically savvy outdoor enthusiasts, the Parks & People Foundation teamed up with International Mapping to create this interactive navigation application. We surrounded a detailed trail map database with a variety of navigational tools and personal customization features to help make your next visit along the trail more enjoyable and memorable.

Planning a hike or bike ride in or near Baltimore? Looking for a well maintained trail to try out? If so, the Gwynns Falls Trail is a great 15 mile greenway trail running through the heart of the city connecting over 30 unique neighborhoods and 2,000 scenic acres of wooded parkland. Looking for an app to help you navigate the entire trail? Worried you will not have Wi-Fi access to access all of the information? Then this is the app for you as we have included everything you will need in the download!

Key Content Features:
+ Detailed City maps of the Trail and surrounding Baltimore neighborhoods
+ Photos and descriptions for dozens of key locations throughout the trail system
+ Points of Interest listings for over 90 locations in and around Baltimore

Key Features Include:
+ GPS tracking of your location, even without WiFi or cell reception
+ A revolutionary new trail navigation system
+ Map tools including distance, bearing, area and compass
+ Customized pins to record photos, comments, & locations along your hike
+ Detailed search capabilities by nearby locations and by type
+ Identify the Latitude/Longitude or UTM Coordinate for any place on the map

The Gwynns Falls Trail app was developed by International Mapping. To learn more visit:
To learn more about the Gwynns Falls Trail visit www.gwynnsfallstrail.org
To learn more about Parks & People Foundation visit www.parksandpeople.org
+ Requires iOS 4.3 or greater
+ GPS functionality requires iPhone 3GS or later and iPad 2 or later.

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