30 August 2012

Baltimore Teachers Research at Toolik Lake, Alaska

In July and August of 2012, the Baltimore Ecosystem Study sent two Baltimore area science teachers to the Toolik Field Station in Toolik Lake, Alaska [ http://toolik.alaska.edu/index.php ] to participate in research funded by the NSF Arctic LTER.  

The teachers were part of a volunteer research effort to identify and catalog species of vegetation in the Tundra.  The teachers spent up to 10 hours a day for six straight days doing field and lab work.  Work included harvesting plants from research plots, breaking down the plants and sorting by species, separating out different parts of each plant, and bagging and labeling. 

A special thanks goes to John Moore of Colorado State University for helping to organize and sponsor the trip for our teachers. 

Please click below links to see slideshow and read about the teachers' experience at Toolik Lake.


Contributed by: Bess Caplan, BES Ecology Education Program Leader


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