22 December 2011

Seeking BES Mentors for Research Experience for Teachers (RET) 2012-2013

Baltimore Partnership for Environmental Science Literacy
Towson University, MD ● Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, NY

In Brief:
Four Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) Fellows will join the Baltimore Partnership for Environmental Science Literacy’s unique research and education community to carry out an independent research project, participate in teacher workshops, and develop plans they will implement in the 2012-2013 school year.
The RETs will be an integral part of the Pathways to Environmental Science Literacy Math Science Partnership Project funded by the National Science Foundation and taking place at the Baltimore Ecosystem Study and three other Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) sites around the nation.  RET Fellows are expected to complete a research project in the summer of 2012, and then to develop and pilot test an enhancement to one of the project’s curricula during the 2012-2013 school year.

Each RET mentor will:
·        Provide guidance and support to an RET Fellow for six (6) weeks during the summer.  The Fellow will design and implement an independent research project in environmental science.  Research projects in 2012 will be aligned with one of the three focal areas of the Pathways Project: 1) carbon cycling and climate change, 2) water flows, quality and habitats, and 3) biodiversity.
·        Help the Fellow produce a final report or paper based on her/his summer research.
·        Support the Fellow in developing an enhancement to one of the project’s curriculum units (carbon, water, biodiversity, citizenship) based on her/his summer research project.  This might be a new lesson or a modification of an existing lesson in the unit.  The RET Fellow will pilot test this enhancement in their own classroom.
·        Spend time (1 or 2 sessions) in the Fellow’s classroom during the 2012-2013 school year while her/his unit is being pilot tested.
·        Complete pre- and post-program assessment surveys about the RET Fellow’s growth and contribution to your work.
·        Participate in occasional meetings (2-3) with other mentors, RET Fellows and project staff during the summer and following school year.

Eligibility to serve as an RET mentor:
·        Be resident in the Baltimore region during the summer of 2012 (July 9 –August 17), or at least a significant portion of this time period.
·        Willingness and ability to support a research project related to one of the project’s three focal areas: 1) carbon cycling and climate change, 2) water flows, quality and habitats, and 3) biodiversity.
·        Provide a project topic title and brief (1-2 sentence) description for inclusion in program announcements and application forms.
·        Have space and other required resources to mentor a teacher during that time.
·        Willingness to do the above list of duties.
·        Enthusiasm for working with teachers.

RET Program Details:
·        Dates:
o   Summer Workshop: June 25-29, July 2-3, 2012
o   Summer Research Period: July 9 – August 17, 2012
o   School Year: 5 Saturdays, to be determined
·        Work site: Mentors will provide RETs lab space and other logistical support during the summer intensive research period.  Office space is available at the Center for Science and Mathematics Education at Towson University.
·        Supplies: each Fellow has a $500 supplies supplement to support their research and/or teaching activities.

Interested mentors should contact:
Alan R. Berkowitz, Ph.D.
Head of Education
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Millbrook, NY 12545
Phone: (845) 677-7600 ext. 311 Fax: (845) 677-5976
Email: berkowitza@caryinstitute.org