04 September 2013

BES Director Designate Emma Rosi-Marshall Joins LTER Network Executive Board

The Long-Term Ecological Research Network is governed by an Executive Board between meetings of the Science Council (http://www.lternet.edu/node/140/).  This Board is thus quite important in scoping the activities of the Network, which coordinates activities and initiatives between the 27 individual sites.  Comparison studies and experiments, shared methodologies, and conceptual integration are important sorts of activities that reside at the level of cross-site activity.  In addition, the Network promotes education, outreach, and diversity of the community of researchers and educators across the LTER sites.  The Executive Board comprises roughly a dozen members, and the various sites rotate in occupying 9 seats. 

We’ll post access to minutes and activities of the Executive Board and Science Council on the BES News as they become available.

Thanks to Emma for taking on this important role in LTER.