30 July 2012

Urban Ecology Book Chapter

BES Co-PI Mary Cadenasso and Project Director Steward Pickett have a chapter in the recently published book "Encyclopedia of Theoretical Ecology."

This major reference is an overview of the current state of theoretical ecology through a series of topical entries centered on both ecological and statistical themes.  Coverage ranges across scales—from the physiological, to populations, landscapes, and ecosystems. Entries provide an introduction to broad fields such as Applied Ecology, Behavioral Ecology, Computational Ecology, Ecosystem Ecology, Epidemiology and Epidemic Modeling, Population Ecology, Spatial Ecology and Statistics in Ecology.  Others provide greater specificity and depth, including discussions on the Allee effect, ordinary differential equations, and ecosystem services.  Descriptions of modern statistical and modeling approaches and how they contributed to advances in theoretical ecology are also included.  Succinct, uncompromising, and authoritative—a “must have” for those interested in the use of theory in the ecological sciences.

Cadenasso, M.L., and S.T.A. Pickett.  2012.  Urban ecology.  Pages 765-770. In: A. Hastings and L. Gross (eds.) Encyclopedia of Theoretical Ecology.  University of California Press, Berkeley, CA.