29 March 2013

Save the Date! BES Quarterly Project Meeting - 11-12 April

Save the Date(s)!
April 11-12    Baltimore Ecosystem Study Quarterly Project Meeting
Agenda Outline:

April 11—BES relationship and collaboration between arts and sciences.

1:00 pm–5:00 pm at US Geological Survey offices on the UMBC Campus
Program highlights include:
·         Welcome and Introductions by Steward Pickett, BES Project Director
·         Introduction to BES Art/Science Integration by Mark Twery, USDA Forest Service, BES Co-PI and Leader of the BES Arts Committee
·         Presentations by artists:
o   Lynn Cazabon –BES Artist-in-Residence (AIR) for 2012 and Jann Rosen-Queralt – Member of the BES Arts Committee: AIR programs in general; ideas for future AIR activities at BES
o   Patterson Clark – BES Artist-in-Residence for 2013: Overview of his work & his desire to be a BES AIR
·         Brief Presentations by BES scientists and grad students
·         Open discussion on present and future collaborations with the arts.

5:30–7:30 at UMBC CADVC gallery (Fine Arts Building)
·         Reception for BES scientists and Baltimore artists’ community, featuring a short talk by Patterson Clark –– mingling & refreshments.

April 12—BES Conceptual Structure—Use of BES Integrated Themes: Urban Metacommunity, Locational Choice and Urban Stream Dis / Continuum
8:30 am–5:00 pm at the USGS offices on the UMBC Campus

Goal: To flesh out the scope and content of the talks to be presented at the Mid-Term Review.  To ensure that integrative connections are made within and between topics.

·         Brief presentations by team leaders for the topics to be presented to the Mid-Term Review Committee in October.
·         Plenary discussion of the topics.
·         Break out groups by topic.
·         Summary plenary to promote integration.

Draft of the Topics suggested by the Project Management Committee:
·         Resilience and Adaptive Capacity
·         The Urban Stream Dis/Continuum
·         The Urban Metacommunity
·         Locational Choice by Households and Firms
·         Integrated Modeling
·         Residential Landscapes and Lawns: Example of an Integrative Research Project
·         Education Research and Practice

Detailed Agenda to follow prior to the meeting.

All members of the BES scientific and artistic communities, as well as other interested parties, are encouraged to attend and participate in all parts of the meeting—arts/science discussion and reception on Thursday as well as the review planning on Friday. 

Steward Pickett