04 March 2013

Douglas Wrenn Awarded the Tiebout Prize

BES researcher Douglas Wrenn was awarded the Tiebout Prize, a prestigious grad student paper competition, by the Western Regional Science Association. The award is named in honor of economist and geographer Charles M. Tiebout, and is awarded annually to the graduate student who has written the best student paper on a topic pertaining to regional science. 

The award was given to Doug, PhD student (now post doc), for his modeling work looking at the unintended effects of minor subdivision zoning in Carroll County leading to more exurbanization and sprawl. Doug’s PhD dissertation, is entitled, “Time Is Money: An Empirical Examination of the Dynamic Effects of Regulatory Uncertainty on Residential Subdivision Development.”  A paper that summarizes his work on this topic will be published in The Annals of Regional Science.

Congratulations Doug! 

 Here is the link to the write up at The Ohio State University website: