28 June 2012

WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT - Future Scenarios of Landscape Change

The Harvard Forest and Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute are pleased to host the workshop:

Future Scenarios of Landscape Change: Tools and Tactics

When:           Friday, August 17, 2012

Where:          Harvard Forest, Petersham, MA AND via online webinar for out-of-region participants.

Description:  1-day workshop on emerging scenario tools and tactics for understanding landscape vulnerability and resilience to global change with a focus on stakeholder engagement, quantitative landscape modeling, and scenario visualization.

To register for the workshop conference by JULY 15.

If you plan to attend online, please include the note "via webinar" in that box for travel plans. Once you have filled out the form, please press "submit."

Funding support provided by a grant to the Harvard Forest via NSF DEB-1057617, Landscape Vulnerability and Resilience to Global Change.

Future Scenarios of Landscape Change: Tools and Tactics
9:00 am Welcome and Background on LTER Scenarios Activity
  David Foster, Harvard Forest
9:15 am New England Forest Landscape Scenarios Project - Overview
  Jonathan Thompson, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute – CONFIRMED
9:30 am Tools and Tactics: Stakeholder Engagement
       Approaches and Lessons from Maine Sustainable Solutions Initiative Alternative Futures Project Spencer Meyer, Robert Lilieholm, University of Maine - CONFIRMED http://crsf.umaine.edu/files/2012/05/AltFutures_Handout_5.7.12_web.pdf
       Stakeholder Considerations and Options for the New England Forest Scenarios Project    Joe Maccarron, REOS Partners - CONFIRMED http://reospartners.com/
       Discussion – 30 min.
11:00 am Tools and Tactics: Quantitative Landscape Modeling
       Advances in Landscape Modeling from Scenarios Network for Alaska and Arctic Planning
Representative from University of Alaska Fairbanks - INVITED www.snap.uaf.edu/
       Opportunities for Expanding the Land Use Module for LANDIS-II
Sarah Beukema, ESSA Technologies – CONFIRMED http://essa.com/
       Discussion – 30 min.
12:30 pm LUNCH
1:30 pm Tools and Tactics: Visualization of Scenario Output - To Be Determined
3:00 pm Discussion: Implications and Next Steps for LTER Network Scenario Working Group
       Follow-up on ideas and recommendations from last workshop for advancing scenarios as a network activity
       Preparing for ASM in September
       Ideas for new or joint proposals
4:00 pm Adjourn