12 September 2016

2016 BES Annual Meeting 19-20 October, Open House 19 October, Graduate Student Symposium 18 October

You are invited and encouraged to attend the 2016 Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES) Long-Term Ecological Research Program Annual Meeting on Wednesday and Thursday, 19-20 October, the BES Open House on 19 October and the BES Graduate Student Symposium on 18 October.

The Annual Meeting is designed to share the technical scientific results of the project with BES researchers, educators, local, state and federal agency representatives while also being open to the media, and interested community members.  We are fortunate this year to have Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski, III President of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County give the Keynote speech.  Location: Cylburn Arboretum Vollmer Visitor Center, 4915 Greenspring Avenue, Baltimore.  Link to directions: http://cylburn.org/visit-us/hours-directions/

The BES Open House, a joint gathering by BES and the Parks & People Foundation, is an informal venue to share project information and results.  This event highlights BES research and activities for community members, educators, students, non-BES researchers, artists, media and others who may not be familiar with BES. Refreshments, appetizers, hors d’ouvres and light fare will be available.  Location: the Parks & People Foundation, 2100 Liberty Heights Avenue, Baltimore, MD.

The BES Graduate Student Symposium is a gathering of students working on BES projects.  It includes interaction with BES staff as well as student presentations.  It is a great opportunity for students to get to know each other, discuss their research and meet experienced BES researchers.  Location: USGS, 5522 Research Park Dr, Catonsville, MD.

18 October: Graduate Student Symposium begins at 1:00 pm with presentations and discussion, ending at 5:00, followed by an informal gathering.

19 October: Annual Meeting begins at 8:30 with light breakfast and 8:45 Welcome.  Dr. Hrabowski’s keynote will begin promptly at 9:00.  Be sure to be on time for this exceptional opportunity.  The remainder of the morning will be talks by researchers; the Poster lightening round 11:30; lunch break 12:00-1:00; Poster Session 1:00-3:30; afternoon talks 3:30-4:45 (Cylburn); BES Open House 5:30-7:30 (Parks & People).

20 October: Presentations begin at 9:00 am ending approximately at noon.

There is no fee to attend these meetings.

Annual Meeting Detail:
To Make a Presentation at the Meeting: Those who have research results gathered as a part of, or particularly relevant to, the Baltimore Ecosystem Study, are invited to present a 15-minute talk or a poster summarizing their results.

To present your research at the meeting: Please submit your abstract of no more than 250 words by Friday, 7 October.  The abstracts will be published on the BES website as well as in the program booklet.  You can include one graphic or table with your abstract.  Please submit your abstract electronically using the online form HERE: http://beslter.org/bes_am_asp_2016/bes_am_reg.html.  This is a strict deadline, so be sure your abstract reaches us by 7 October.  The number of talks accepted will be limited by the time slots available.  Acceptance of talks will be on a first come, first served basis.

Posters: You are welcome to bring your posters and put them up first thing Wednesday morning.  As an enhancement to our poster session, before lunch on Wednesday, poster presenters can contribute to a “lightening round,” share a single slide of the poster, and a maximum of two minutes for a few very brief words.  This will provide an opportunity for each poster and lead author to be highlighted.  More in-depth discussion can take place with the presenter at their poster following lunch.  Please register your poster and submit your abstract HERE: http://beslter.org/bes_am_asp_2016/bes_am_reg.html by 7 October so it can be included in the booklet.

The meeting agenda will be posted at beslter.org shortly before the meeting.

All presentation and poster files need to be uploaded to the BES drop box http://dropbox.hightail.com/BESLTER by Friday, 14 October or you will not be able to give your talk.  NO files will be accepted on-site on flash drives or other media.  Additionally, we will not be able to “switch” laptops at the podium so you must submit your talk in advance, compatible with a Windows PC.

Annual Meeting Parking/Bus:
There is free parking available at the Arboretum. The Vollmer Center is a reasonable walk from the #1 bus stop.

Annual Meeting Meals:
Coffee will be available for all attendees.  Pre-paid breakfast and lunch will be available onsite on the first day and breakfast on the second day.  We encourage you to register and pay for your meals in advance.  There will be very few extra meals available if you sign up at the door.  Options for local dining close by are limited. You are of course welcome to bring your own lunch.  The costs below are to cover your food and drink.  There is no fee to attend the meeting.

Meal options are:
Breakfast Day 1: $ 9.85
Breakfast Day 2: $ 9.85
Breakfast both days: $19.70
Lunch Day 1: $15.00
Breakfast and Lunch Day 1: $24.85
All meals - Breakfast both days and Lunch Day 1: $34.70

Descriptions of the meals are included on the registration form.

You can either pay by credit card via the registration form (which goes through PayPal) or by check payable to "Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies."  Checks should be mailed to Holly Beyar, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, PO Box AB, Millbrook, NY 12545.  You will be given tickets for your pre-paid meals along with your name tag when you arrive at the meeting.

Annual Meeting Registration:
All Annual Meeting attendees and participants will need to register by Thursday, 13 October. If you have any questions, please contact Holly Beyar at (845) 677-7600 x210 or Beyarh@caryinstitute.org.

We encourage all participants and collaborators in the Baltimore Ecosystem Study to present a talk or poster at the Annual Meeting, as well as to attend the Open House and Graduate Student Symposium in order to promote communication and mutual understanding in this spatially, topically, and institutionally very diverse study.


Steward T.A. Pickett & Emma Rosi-Marshall
Project Co-Directors

13 June 2016

BES Quarterly Meeting June 16 - Extreme Events

Please join us for the BES June Quarterly Meeting

Thursday June 16, 2016, 8:30-4pm
Room 206, Technology Research Center (TRC) on Campus of UMBC

Organizers: Peter Groffman, Morgan Grove, Claire Welty, Larry Band 
and Emma Rosi-Marshall

Meeting theme: Extreme Events:  Exploring the history of extreme events in Baltimore (e.g. heat, river flooding, coastal flooding, droughts)

Agenda will be posted here before the meeting. 

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Emma Rosi-Marshall
Co-Director, Baltimore Ecosystem Study

07 June 2016

Baltimore Data Jam Awards Ceremony - June 18

The Baltimore Ecosystem Study will host the Baltimore Data Jam Awards Ceremony and Celebration on June 18th from 10am-noon in the UMBC Engineering Building.  

You are cordially invited to attend, meet with participating students and view their projects.  We hope to have a strong showing of BES participants to engage with the students and celebrate their accomplishments!  

For the past 16 years, scientists with the Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES) have been studying the city and its surroundings as a socio-ecological system, or ecosystem. This pioneering research encompasses nearly every aspect of the city – its people, its soils, plants, animals and microbes, its history, institutions, economy and neighborhoods and its waters, airs and even the ground beneath our feet. 

The wealth of data about this region is tremendous. In fact, many urban scientists consider Baltimore the most intensively studied city in the world! We now are working harder than ever to find new, creative ways to summarize and present these data to non-scientist audiences.

The Baltimore Data Jam Competition has been designed for teachers and their students to use creativity and skills to find interesting ways to present some of these data and other results in a friendly, educational and competitive atmosphere.

Projects will be judged on two submissions: 1) a written report; and 2) a creative and unique project (physical model, skit, song, visual representation, etc.).

Judging criteria include a review of the report and its components, accuracy of data trends and comparisons, and overall creativity. As you will see, the Baltimore Data Jam emphasizes creativity in presenting data. These are the very skills that are and will continue to be necessary as our ability to collect data outpaces our ability to make it understandable to the general public.

All participating students and their families are invited to  attend the Baltimore Data Jam Competition Celebration and Awards Ceremony, June 18th at University of Maryland, Baltimore County (10am-noon).  

Please RSVP to Bess Caplan by June 10th if you plan to attend. caplanb@caryinstitute.org.

Bess Caplan
Ecology Education Program Leader
Baltimore Ecosystem Study