28 November 2011

Urbanization and Global Environmental Change Project -- UGEC Viewpoints VII - Call for Abstracts

It’s time to begin work on the next issue of UGEC Viewpoints!  The process for this seventh issue will work just as it has for the last few issues. Interested parties should send a 300 word abstract of  envisioned contributions.  The contribution should discuss your current research or could be forward looking – including a discussion of problems or knowledge gaps, potential solutions for moving forward, etc.  In general, Viewpoints articles should be semiformal presentations of research findings in the context of urbanization and global environmental change with more emphasis on the policy implications of the research.  For examples of articles, recent issues can be found at this link:  http://ugec.org/tiki-index.php?page=ReportsNewsletters

After selections are made – potentially 10-12 contributions total – a full article of around 1500-1800 words would be submitted.  Potential contributors should begin by sending your 300 word abstract by Sunday, December 18th.

After you are notified acceptance, your full article will be due by the end of January.  The final product is expected to become available in March. 

Abstract submissions should be emailed to: corrie.griffith@asu.edu  Questions about the publication or the process can also be directed to Corrie.

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