13 October 2011

Baltimore Ecosystem Study Steering Committee Meeting 18 October

Tuesday, 18 October 2011
1:00 - 5:00 pm
US Geological Survey Maryland, Delaware, DC Center Office

(BW Tech on UMBC campus)

5522 Research Park Drive
Baltimore, MD 21228


  1. Acceptance of the Agenda
  2. Five minute overviews: Director, Graduate, Education, Community Engagement, Information
  3. Management, Site report, Grant proposals and awards.
  4. Synthesis volume
  5. Research Coordination Network on Urban Sustainability
  6. Quarterly meetings: topics and dates
  7. Break
  8. Status of plans for sustainability technical committee
  9. Physical sample inventory and location
  10. Art and science group LTER Network
  11. Facebook page – who to check? How often? How to joining and participate.
  12. Table tent and banner – description, use, storage, check out, and return.

Adjourn 5:00 pm.

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