21 July 2011

BES Graduate Student Representative

Welcome Anna Johnson

Congratulations to Anna Johnson who was recently elected the BES Grad Student Rep. Anna is a student at UMBC. She is currently at the end of her second year. Her mentor is Chris Swan. Her area of study is meta communities – specifically, English Ivy. Anna is also an IGERT student. We look forward to working with Anna and the talents she brings to this leadership position.

Thanks Tammy Newcomer

We would also like to thank Tammy Newcomer who has been our BES grad student rep since December of 2009. Tammy’s leadership has been appreciated by both grad students and BES Co-PIs. Tammy started the BES Facebook page (check it out if you haven’t seen it). She also created our Café Press page with items carrying the BES logo (check that out too!). Tammy will continues as a grad student with BES working with the Education Team on the BPESL Project for her second year.

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