07 June 2016

Baltimore Data Jam Awards Ceremony - June 18

The Baltimore Ecosystem Study will host the Baltimore Data Jam Awards Ceremony and Celebration on June 18th from 10am-noon in the UMBC Engineering Building.  

You are cordially invited to attend, meet with participating students and view their projects.  We hope to have a strong showing of BES participants to engage with the students and celebrate their accomplishments!  

For the past 16 years, scientists with the Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES) have been studying the city and its surroundings as a socio-ecological system, or ecosystem. This pioneering research encompasses nearly every aspect of the city – its people, its soils, plants, animals and microbes, its history, institutions, economy and neighborhoods and its waters, airs and even the ground beneath our feet. 

The wealth of data about this region is tremendous. In fact, many urban scientists consider Baltimore the most intensively studied city in the world! We now are working harder than ever to find new, creative ways to summarize and present these data to non-scientist audiences.

The Baltimore Data Jam Competition has been designed for teachers and their students to use creativity and skills to find interesting ways to present some of these data and other results in a friendly, educational and competitive atmosphere.

Projects will be judged on two submissions: 1) a written report; and 2) a creative and unique project (physical model, skit, song, visual representation, etc.).

Judging criteria include a review of the report and its components, accuracy of data trends and comparisons, and overall creativity. As you will see, the Baltimore Data Jam emphasizes creativity in presenting data. These are the very skills that are and will continue to be necessary as our ability to collect data outpaces our ability to make it understandable to the general public.

All participating students and their families are invited to  attend the Baltimore Data Jam Competition Celebration and Awards Ceremony, June 18th at University of Maryland, Baltimore County (10am-noon).  

Please RSVP to Bess Caplan by June 10th if you plan to attend. caplanb@caryinstitute.org.

Bess Caplan
Ecology Education Program Leader
Baltimore Ecosystem Study

06 June 2016

Parks & People Recognizes the Baltimore Mosquito Team as Community Greening Partner of the Year

Our Baltimore Mosquito Study Team was recognized as the Community Greening Partner of the Year at Parks & People’s annual Community Greening Celebration on Thursday June 2.  

The award was in recognition of our work in West Baltimore, including the West Baltimore Clean & Green grant fund. The Clean & Green grants were awarded this spring and will support five community-led (and designed) projects aimed at removing habitat that supports mosquitoes. These included alley gates, community space design, planting of insect-repellent plants, and a Franklin Square tire drive that disposed of nearly 200 tires.

In the photo below Dawn Biehler (center, is holding the award), Heather Goodman (Cary Research Specialist, 2nd from right), and three UMBC (males in rear) and UMD (3rd from right) students and several community residents were present to accept on behalf of the whole team. 

Shannon L. LaDeau
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Disease Ecology

Parks & People presents its first Community Greening Partner of the Year award to Baltimore Mosquito Study

At the Community Greening Celebration on Thursday, June 2nd the Parks & People Foundation presented its first Partner of the Year Award to the BES Baltimore Mosquito Study.

The Community Greening Celebration celebrates Baltimore’s gardeners, tree planters, greening cheerleaders, volunteers and anyone who believes in a cleaner, greener city at this annual event!

Food was provided by Neopol Smokery, and local beverages from Raven Brewery. There was live music, award presentations, and more.

Awardees were:
·         Grant Project of the Year – Hamilton Elementary Middle School #236
·         Volunteer Group of the Year – M&T Bank
·         Edible Garden of the Year – Filbert Street Garden
·         Partner of the Year – Baltimore Mosquito Study
·         Community Greening Champion – Inez Robb

All proceeds from the event supported greening grants to local gardens and farms.

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