09 April 2015

Save the Date! BES Quarterly Meeting Thursday, April 23

Our meeting on April 23 will address "Experimental Design and Approach for BES IV."

 In response to NSF concerns, clearly expressed during our mid-term review, about project integration and coherence, we are proposing to do things a bit differently in BES IV. 

Our idea is that BES LTER funds will be focused on four long-term data collection platforms; 1) long-term watershed monitoring sites, 2) 202 randomly located “UFORE” plots, 3) the long-term telephone survey and 4) the long-term biogeochemical study plots located in Oregon Ridge, Leakin and Hillsdale Parks and the UMBC campus. 

Our funding strategy will be to use LTER funds to 1) collect these core data and 2) provide funds to investigators to analyze or augment these data.  At our quarterly science meeting on April 23, we plan to discuss each of these experimental platforms and the types of analysis and augmentation that people want to do. 

A particularly important (and potentially fun!) part of this discussion will be development of ideas for new sampling campaigns focused on the UFORE plots for soils, insects, plants, streams etc.  Our idea is to budget for field crews to collect and process samples and to budget funds for Co-PIs to augment and analyze the data.  We anticipate that integration will be possible by combining datasets collected in these campaigns, and others in BES, in new and interesting ways to address exciting new research questions.

Agenda to follow.