08 January 2015

BES Quarterly Project Meeting – January 15, 2015

The theme of the BES quarterly project meeting on January 15, 2015 will be “results from prior support.”  The objective of this meeting is to synthesize what we have learned over the past 15 years of BES research for presentation in the renewal proposal that will be submitted in February 2016.

This synthesis requires articulation of the links between our conceptual models, the long-term data that we collect and quantitative analysis that addresses questions of fundamental importance in ecology, uncertainty, prediction or application to environmental decision making.  We need to able to show how our long-term data collection has driven evolution of our conceptual model and provided a basis for the new work to be proposed in our renewal proposal. 

The discussions will be organized around our key research focus areas; watershed continuum, biodiversity and human decision making. 

We are soliciting interest in presentations:

  • Have you collected long-term data in these focus areas? 
  • Have you done quantitative analysis with long-term data that has been collected?
  • Would you like to make a brief presentation on this work at the meeting on January 15?

Please send a note to Peter Groffman (groffmanp@caryinstitute.org ) if you would like to present and/or have any comments or suggestions for this meeting.