29 December 2014

BES Meeting Schedule for 2015

Annual Meeting:

20-21 October: Annual Meeting Cylburn Arboretum-Vollmer Center
     20 October: Community Open House & Greening Celebration-Cylburn
     19 October: Steering Committee Meeting

Quarterly All-Project Meetings (formerly called Research meetings):

15 January  Topic: Results from Prior Support

             23 April       Topic: Study Design

11 June       Topic: Prediction & Quantitative Modeling, Response to Midterm Review

Project Management Committee (PMC):
Go-To-Meeting calls are scheduled for the third Wednesday of every month from 10:00 am to 12 noon (Eastern time).   Go-To-Meeting access information will be included in the Agenda distributed prior to each meeting.

21 January                                                   15 July
18 February                                             19 August
18 March                                            16 September
15 April                                      No October Meeting
20 May                                                18 November
17 June                                               16 December

Information Management Committee (IMC):
Meetings are scheduled on the third Thursday from 1:00 to 2:00 pm (Eastern time).

19 February                                          17 September

29 May: Community Awareness & Safety Training (Required for all researchers and students new to the project.)

LTER All Scientists Meeting: 30 August-4 September YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, CO
Main travel day for most Sunday, 8/30, most departures on Thursday, 9/3.  Information Management, Grad Student, Education, and Executive Board will have pre-ASM meetings on 
30 August, with arrival date on Saturday, 29 August.

NSF-LTER Science Council Meeting:   13-14 May    Harvard Forest LTER

ESA 100th Annual Meeting 2015:     9-14 August     Baltimore Convention Center

Revised 12/17/14

04 December 2014

New President and CEO of Parks & People Foundation

It has been announced that Elisabeth Millspaugh Schroeder will be President and CEO of Parks & People Foundation beginning in January 2015.  She replaces Jacqueline Carrera who has guided Parks & People since 1993.  Jackie will surely be missed by all.

We welcome Ms Schroeder and look forward to working together with her.  


SAVE THE DATE: Watershed 263 Advisory Council

Date & Time:      Wednesday, December 10, 6pm to 8pm

Location:              Bon Secours Community Works, 26 N Fulton Ave., Baltimore, MD, 21223.

Meeting agenda includes:

1.        A discussion about the city’s house demolition process.
2.       The MS4 storm water plan and the new Storm Water Advisory Committee.
3.       The future role and structure of the Council.
4.       Info sharing session – upcoming community events and activities.

If interested and you would like additional information, please contact Bill Pickens or Catherine Dowling at Parks and People Green Infrastructure and Design, 410.448.5663 x 135, or through this e-mail: Catherine.Dowling@Parksandpeople.org

03 December 2014

Baltimore Data Jam Competition 2015

The BES Education Team is happy to announce that registration for the Baltimore Data Jam Competition is now open. 

Middle and High school student s and their teachers are invited to enter this exciting regional competition designed to demonstrate student creativity and skills to find interesting ways to present Baltimore data sets to non-scientist audiences. 

Project submissions consist of:

1)   A Poster detailing the data set selected, identifying trends or making comparisons with the data, a discussion of new questions and hypotheses about the data, and describing an outreach plan for disseminating information about the dataset to a non-scientist audience; and

2)    A Creative Data Display where students relay the interesting trends or comparisons they discovered in their datasets to a non-scientist audience.  Past creative displays include videos, original songs, physical models and interactive displays. 

We look forward to seeing this year’s competitors’ submissions!  Student teams must be registered by their teachers by March 30, 2015.

More information about the Data Jam can be found on the Education page of the BES website.  http://www.beslter.org/frame5-stuff.html
For more information or questions about BES Education, please contact Bess Caplan at caplanb@caryinstitute.org.