03 December 2014

Baltimore Data Jam Competition 2015

The BES Education Team is happy to announce that registration for the Baltimore Data Jam Competition is now open. 

Middle and High school student s and their teachers are invited to enter this exciting regional competition designed to demonstrate student creativity and skills to find interesting ways to present Baltimore data sets to non-scientist audiences. 

Project submissions consist of:

1)   A Poster detailing the data set selected, identifying trends or making comparisons with the data, a discussion of new questions and hypotheses about the data, and describing an outreach plan for disseminating information about the dataset to a non-scientist audience; and

2)    A Creative Data Display where students relay the interesting trends or comparisons they discovered in their datasets to a non-scientist audience.  Past creative displays include videos, original songs, physical models and interactive displays. 

We look forward to seeing this year’s competitors’ submissions!  Student teams must be registered by their teachers by March 30, 2015.

More information about the Data Jam can be found on the Education page of the BES website.  http://www.beslter.org/frame5-stuff.html
For more information or questions about BES Education, please contact Bess Caplan at caplanb@caryinstitute.org.

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